Dustin Templeton is a digital marketing veteran and SMB consultant who works with business owners and entrepreneurs to maximize productivity and grow sales through online marketing.

After spending over a decade as Sales Manager, then Director of Sales and Marketing, then Partner and CEO of a Chicago-based Apple Authorized Reseller, Training Center and Service Provider, then as an Apple consultant for the biggest names in the music industry, Dustin believes in creating unforgettable client experiences.

Dustin has landed and managed corporate client accounts, such as Apple, United Airlines and Sanford Corporation, in addition to high-profile music industry clients, such as Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi, Tim McGraw and Jay-Z.

Over the years, Dustin received technical training from Apple and Adobe, as well as sales and marketing training from The Friedman Group and Jeffrey Gitomer. Dustin holds numerous technical certifications from Apple, Google and more. Templeton has won awards from Apple and various other technology vendors for leading the field in customer experience and exceeding goals for revenue growth.