Our Process…

Getting Acquainted. In order to provide an accurate price estimate, we need to gather some information about your business. In essence, we perform a free on-page and off-page web presence evaluation.

Free Consultation. After the web evaluation is complete, we reach out to schedule a free consultation. At that time, we discuss your company’s goals in detail. Shortly after the consultation is complete, we send a proposal. As soon as you agree to our proposal, we get to work!

Getting to Work. All of our projects, small and large, follow the same process. Our process is outlined below:

  • Strategize
  • Develop
  • Deploy
  • Boost
  • Growth

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Online Marketing Evaluation

1. Strategize

Strategic Approach. After you hire us and before production begins, we work with you to develop a blueprint for the project.

We develop a line of communication, define clear goals, set timelines and assign tasks to team members.

Key project elements such as brand identity, positioning, messaging, sitemaps and SEO keywords are determined.

Step 2…
Develop and Implement Solutions

2. Develop

We install and configure software, design mockups, create ad campaigns, interface with Google and Facebook, etc.

Because every project is unique, development tasks vary from client to client. Generally speaking, the development phase is when we do the work.

Step 3…
Develop and Implement Solutions
Marketing Deployment Strategy Proposal

3. Deploy

Once design and development is complete, we deploy your new solution.

All of your marketing channels display brand consistency, your website looks beautiful and functions like well-oiled machine.

It’s time to launch!

Step 4…
Amplify Your Marketing Message

4. Boost

Boost Your Message. You’ve got a fantastic website, your social media platforms display awesome content and you’re ready to make some sales.

At this time, we distribute press releases, begin running ad campaigns and alert your email list.

We notify the local press about your business, spread the word and the phone begins to ring!

Step 5…
Amplify Your Marketing Message
Marketing Growth Strategy

5. Grow Sustainably

Grow Sustainably. Moving forward, we monitor and maintain your website, social media campaigns, ad campaigns and online presence.

Accordingly, we gauge performance to adjust the strategy over time and add or subtract marketing channels to maximize ROI.

Ultimately, we strive to achieve sustainable growth! 

Next Steps…
Hire Us • Consonant Marketing

You made it to the bottom of the page. By now, you have a pretty good grasp on things. You probably even want to hire us! Here’s what we do next…

On the next page, we ask basic questions about your business. Your answers to the questions should provide us with enough information to perform an online presence evaluation. It normally takes less than 3 minutes to complete.

After we receive your request, we usually respond within one business day. Additionally, we handle these requests manually so it’s not instantaneous. In other words, real people research your business.

When finished, we send you our findings and schedule a free consultation!

Hire Us • Consonant Marketing

Your information is sent over a secure connection. It is not shared with third parties or used for spam. We don’t ask for anything sensitive. No company financials, FEIN numbers or payment of any kind. All things considered, we know your time is valuable so we made it as simple as possible. If you’d prefer to submit your information to a human over the phone, feel free to call us at (615) 988-1710.